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RAPID: Knee Pain Research Study:

The rapid research study (reducing pain, preventing depression) is for adults 60 and older who are living with knee pain caused by arthritis. People living with knee pain are often stressed. This stress and pain puts them at risk of depression, worry, and disability. Our aim is to reduce knee pain, improve walking and strength, and reduce the stress of living with knee pain. The interventions provided in this research study include physical therapy and a brief type of Health coaching to help people become more physically active, better manage their pain, improve sleep, reduce fatigue, and learn how to better manage daily stress and problems. You will be seen 8 to 16 times over the course of 8 to 16 weeks. There are then 4 follow-up appointments over the course of a year. All interventions are free. There is no cost to join the study. People are paid to participate. We work with primary care doctors to make sure people can safely participate in the project.